be alpha
be first


  • Free seven days a week will give an initial consultation
  • Facilitate, therefore, improve the interaction within your company
  • We will do our best to make your business more profitable
  • Breathe in it new technologies and solutions that will identify unnecessary and transform possibly unoptimized parts of your business processes
  • We will develop for you absolutely any software systems or we will implement those that are already established in the market
  • We will prepare solutions for all platforms: WEB, iOS, Android, etc.


Live in infinite self-improvement, which can not but affect the quality of the final product

Use proven platforms to collaborate with you and cutting-edge development tools

Have a core knowledge in many business sectors

Carefully test and provide support for developed software



  • The best experts will find out your needs
  • Will offer different solutions to existing problems
  • In the shortest possible time frame, any software complexes will be developed in order to to keep you ahead of the competition


  • We have a wealth of experience in various business areas
  • We understand their subtleties and follow the development
  • We are exploring and exploring new ways to apply information technology in every area
  • We will do everything to make your way in business as efficient as possible and bring ever-increasing result


  • Are you wasting time day by day because of the lack of automation in business? Are customers leaving because of technical errors on your portal? We will solve these problems!
  • We will make sure your products or services enter the market
  • Let's take the relationship with your customers to a new level
  • Better interaction between your employees or parts of the business
  • Result is lower costs and higher profits


  • Our company will transform your business processes into a well-established system
  • Provide and develop state-of-the-art monitoring and analysis tools your business performance


Trade and e-commerce

A lot of successful projects for major retailers are behind our shoulders.

ALPHAMINDS strives to create and develop powerful tools e-business

Banking and financial systems

The ALPHAMINDS company lives and in a good sense of the word "sick" of finances and banks, as they unite all other business areas

Our most important goal is to embody the best technological and design ideas for maximizing the appeal of your products and services both for direct customers and staff - to reduce work and increased profits

Transport and logistics

We develop logistics systems and complexes respectively customer needs that enable you to effectively achieve their goals

Our company introduces software to monitor traffic, track Transport and Logistics Management

Наша команда

Arthur Harkivsky


Stanislav Temchenko

CTO, Head of Software Development Teams

Oleksandr Movchan

Head of Products Development Teams for Mobile Platforms

Oleksandr Kutovoy

Head of Machine Learning Development Teams